Content and advice for children to learn and grow at their own pace

We Act For Kids is also a way to advance ideas about children.

Each one of our brands eagerly takes up the challenge with aids and content that assist, guide, inspire and give advice to parents on a daily basis in a spirit of open-mindedness. Because parents are our closest and most trusted partners.

Accordingly the Rigolo Comme la Vie network of crèches publishes a parenting magazine called Le Journal des Parents. Published four times a year, it explores issues related to parenting and offers practical, relevant advice.

Articles written by our own teachers and childcare experts answer parents’ questions. They help parents understand the growing and learning stages as well as the needs of their children and so give them wings to fly. Last but not least, the magazine is a way to put parents’ minds at ease and help prepare them for the joys and challenges of being a mum or dad

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