A home for all families: La Maison Rigolo Comme La Vie-Noémi

Rigolo Comme La Vie has strengthened its partnership with the charity Noémi by creating a space where all parents and their children can get together and assist and support one another.

A resource centre designed to create social ties, La Maison Rigolo Comme La Vie-Noémi is located in the centre of Roubaix. It is open to all families, whatever their problems or needs with regard to the wellbeing, development, growth and/or education of children.

Assistance is tailored to specific requests and needs and includes group or individual meetings with childcare professionals and volunteers, parent workshops, parent-child activities, ‘play & learn’ sessions and help with paperwork.

Special assistance is also provided to families affected by disability.

Regular get-togethers between a mix of families from diverse backgrounds help overcome isolation by focusing on the parents, nurture an appreciation for other points of view and thus encourage learning from one another’s experiences.

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