Keeping it natural and organic

A gentle touch to protect delicate skin.

On the heels of its range of fragrances reminiscent of childhood, Jacadi wanted to offer a skincare range for babies. Anxious to protect the soft skin of newborns, the brand went with natural and organic cosmetics.

The resulting Babymetic® range is co-designed by Jacadi and the SBT (Sensitive Biology Therapy) laboratory, which specializes in biomimetic skincare. It is formulated to be fully compatible with a newborn’s delicate skin and is made from soothing, protective active ingredients, 98% of which are natural in origin.

The Jacadi Bébé skincare range features four products designed to promote babies’ wellbeing and protect their skin: a cleansing gel, a cleansing lotion, a cleansing milk and a multipurpose oil. Each one is free of potentially harmful chemicals like parabens, colourants, mineral oils and sulphates, and only contains ingredients essential to keeping baby’s skin soft and clear: colloidal oatmeal, aloe vera, thermal spring water, saline solution (with a salt content similar to the skin’s to prevent dehydration), Vitamin E and Vitamin B5.

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