Our ÏDLOG centre recycles 90% of its waste

To be truly responsible, our business needs to be involved at every level.

This also applies to transport and logistics. In France, at our ÏDLOG hubs in Leers and Dourges, recycling has become second nature. The group has invested over 20 million euros in a 16,000 sqm logistics platform with HQE (high environmental quality) certification.

Located in Leers near Roubaix in northern France, the facility handles nearly 50 million items a year, and over 90% of the waste it produces or receives (mostly cardboard boxes) is recycled. In Dourges, also in northern France, the Oxybul and Jacadi Paris logistics platform put in place its own waste reduction and recycling programme (cardboard boxes, plastic, wood, scrap metal).

We always strive to do better! In early 2018, new packaging machines began appearing in our facilities. Saving space, money and resources, the machines limit waste by optimizing packing capacity and reduce transport costs by fitting more items in the same amount of space, thus reducing the number of trips taken and fuel used.

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