Reselling products with ÏDTROC

We are committed to inspiring our stakeholders to act, starting with our customers!

For one thing, this means facilitating new habits of consumption. Our brands do this by regularly putting on ÏDTROC second-hand sales of clothing, books, toys and babycare items.

The idea is to encourage, organize and make it easy for our customers to resell ÏDKIDS products still in good condition at our stores. Each brand contacts its customers ahead of time by mailing list, provides them with labels and posters in store, organizes the merchandising and checks the quality of the products dropped off. Parents receive gift vouchers in exchange for their second-hand goods.

The initiative is an opportunity to clear clutter, do other parents a good turn, make another child’s day and even make a gift to a nearby charity working for the wellbeing of children because unsold items are donated, with the customer’s consent, to charities supported by the ÏDKIDS foundation.

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